About the client

Our client based in Dubai, boasts a world-class in-house facility required for engineering and manufacturing of process equipment required for Oil & Gas Industry. Its accreditations of ASME, API and NB are the main highlights. It is also approved for ADNOC Group of Companies, PDO and project approval from SAUDI ARAMCO.

Issue at hand

Having their business established in the Middle East for ages, our client wished to take a step forward. It wanted to increase the scale of its operations.


We initiated the project by identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses within the operations of the company. We then focused on strengthening the focal points while ensuring that the inherent strengths of other parts of the business process are maintained.

We then introduced a business process which included–

  • A strategic plan
  • An annual business plan
  • Monthly performance reviews

The strategic and annual business plans provided the company with a documented plan to move forward, while the monthly reviews ensured that the operations were going according to plans and deviations, if any, were promptly corrected.

The business had over 400 employees for which we were able to effectively introduce an HR management system.

After analyzing the activities of the company and after these changes were implemented, we also recommended that daily meetings be held between interconnected departments. This enabled a window of daily communication at our client’s organisation and ensured smooth operations throughout the day since all activities would be discussed at the start of the day.


The management felt a significant before-and-after difference in the functioning of individual departments and the company overall. Soon after, Leap was meritoriously awarded with another project by the company. It involved management and optimization of specific projects within the organization. Our invaluable knowledge and implementation techniques lead the company to execute projects on a timely basis for their clients.

The implementation of the four assignments was completed within a year, by the end of which, the company was able to increase its revenues to over 200%.

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