About the client

Our client is a renowned UK-based scrap metal supplier, specializing in the processing and export of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal worldwide. It exports over 250,000 tonnes of high grade scrap metal each year to steelworks, refineries and foundries globally. Their competitive prices and high quality service has enabled them to become an internationally recognized and established scrap metal export company.

Issue at hand

Despite having experienced immense success in the past, the higher ups at our client’s company in Dubai felt a little stagnant with the growth of the company in the recent times. That’s when they decided to seek an expert who could contribute to formulation of new policies.


Our client called upon TP Anand to perform the role of an independent director in the company. As an independent director, TP Anand assisted the company on several policy matters, while majority of the policy matters revolved around the main objective of increasing the scale of operations of the company.


Initially, the task was easier said than done. Our client faced unique challenges, just like every other company does. It was crucial to understand the business environment in which they operated, their methods of operation, and then identifying things which needed to be changed. TP’s vast expertise and professional judgement were thoroughly put to use in the assignment. Eventually, it paid off. The policies and changes showed positive effects in the financial and operational results of the company.

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